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Emotional Intelligence

Recognizing and controlling emotions in oneself and others.


Doing what you should do when you should do it whether you want to or not.

Goal Setting & Success Planning

The skill of turning dreams into reality.


Achieving academic excellence, increasing happiness, and reducing anxiety.

Study Skills & Time Management

“Smart students aren’t the ones with high IQs – they are the students who have mastered studying and note-taking.”

Decision Making

“Successful people don’t always make better decisions but they do make decisions faster and with more confidence.”

Memory Skills

Academically, socially, or at work, a trained memory gives students a distinct advantage.

Finance & Money Management

A sound understanding of finance and money management leads to a lifetime of success and abundance.

Essential Life Skills

These skills, once learned, will be used throughout a student’s life.

Universal Laws

“Universal Laws allow ordinary people to do the extraordinary.”

Why We Created The Real Life Skills Program

Real Life doesn't scare me because I've got the Skills

Today, like never before, students face a world that has changed and is changing at a frightening rate. It is estimated that 65% of the students graduating today will be working in jobs that do not even exist yet.

These students face a global economy driven by entrepreneurial businesses. In the established economies, 83% of growth is driven by small to medium sized businesses created by a single entrepreneur. In the emerging markets of Russia and China, entrepreneurs are driving almost 100% of the growth. Even in developing countries, traditional aid has been replaced by entrepreneurial philanthropy.

And yet, we still teach our children to be good employees and give them few of the skills they will need to become successful, happy, prosperous adults.

Real Life Skills ProgramWe developed the Real Life Skills Program to fill the gaps in the traditional curriculum to give students the tools they need to thrive in this new global economy.

By using the Real Life Skills workbooks, students work through 10 skills over the course of their elementary school life. These lessons give them the tools they need for a more productive, happier life full of success and enjoyment — regardless of their future path in life.